Thank your for your patronage! It was our pleasure serving you. Look for us downtown at our food cart!

To Our Awesome Customers,

Sometimes, doing things can be hard. Like making our decision to close down our El Burrito Loco establishment on the west side of town. Although things were going well on the business side, the family side was going through some rough times. We didn't make this decision lightly, but unfortunately, we had a significant death (our owner is totally fine!). In light of some other disheartening news, our owner has decided to focus on the other two businesses: our food cart location downtown and our full-service location in Oregon, WI.


While this may be viewed as bad news, we wanted to remain focused on all of the wonderful people we met during our time on High Point Rd. We felt just how warmly a community can welcome a new business to the area—and even a few of the business owners around us!


Thanks to some awesome local Madison area businesses who helped us get all set up, we were able to open our third location (even though it's now closing). Which is why we wanted to send a big thanks to Badger Fire and Protection and Badger Hood Cleaning, Kavanaugh Restaurant Supply for our equipment needs and M & R Produce for our fresh veggies.


We also wanted to send a big thanks to all of the people that made the business come to life: our customers, our suppliers and most definitely, our staff. Although our doors are closing, we hope somebody's opportunity can come to life in our old space, and have their doors opened.


This isn't goodbye! We hope to see you at our other locations! Downtown at our food cart conveniently named El Burrito Loco and our Senor Peppers location down in Oregon, WI. Until next time!


El Burrito Loco Team & Owner

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745 N. High Point

Madison, WI